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Picture your worst stereotypical diva and multiply it by like a GAZILLION and you’ve got Jeffrey.

I worked with this PR-IC-K on Burn Notice this man had the whole set TERRORIZED.

The two have been spotted at numerous events together, including Palm Beach polo matches, the Blacks' Annual Gala and riding in a helicopter at the USPA Piaget Gold Cup.

They have even competed together in various charity triathlon events.

"She is a healthy and happy baby girl, and we are incredibly blessed to have her in our lives," the couple told the magazine, without providing additional details.

Though Jeffrey was raised in poverty, he was able to get enrolled in acting classes with her help of his mentor Patricia Hoyt.

, she has seen a clear change in her co-star — and it’s all thanks to new life-changing events for him off-screen.“He recently got married and I believe his wife had a baby within the last week as far as I know,” Anwar revealed exclusively to Celebuzzwhen she visited our Hollywood studio last week.“So, I think he’s changed considerably from the young party boy that I met during the pilot,” she added about her co-star. But, news of the wedding and baby on the way haven’t surfaced since. And Donovan’s rep didn’t immediately respond to Celebuzz’s request for confirmation.

Reports surfaced in June that the small screen hunk, 44, got engaged to model Michelle Woods, 21. Anwar admits she has had her own changes over the years as she seems to have come to terms with balancing her own need to be “truthful and honest” with the nature of Hollywood.“I think I have done some things over the years that may have prevented some career advancement, because I’ve been so adamant about my morals and principles and ethics which doesn’t go well in this business,” she explained.

The couple reportedly dated for long and had a romantic love affair before getting wed. As a loving husband and wife, they have been parents twice. Donovan in Amesbury, Massachusetts, United States of America and he was raised by his mother with his two brothers named Michael and Sean.

an has so much going on in his life other than movies and TV series.

Donovan is married to his long-time girlfriend Michelle Woods and they are living happily with their children. It’s believed that it was Well, as per Gabrielle Anwar’s statement Jeffrey being a party boy in the previous days now might have become more of a family man, with a wife and children, he surely has!

Later on he got transferred to University of Massachusetts Amherst with a major in drama. He also pursued his master's degree in New York University with major in Fine Arts.

Though Jeffrey was raised in poverty, he was able to get enrolled in acting classes with her help of his mentor Patricia Hoyt. He made his acting debut by starring the role of Miles and Newton Dell in the TV series Homicide: Life on the Street.

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