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The episode provides an opportunity to look further into imperatives and It’s time for a new episode of Coffee Break Italian, and the latest episode of our soap opera, La Mia Estate.

In this instalment Riccardo and Maria are on their way to Vipiteno, but they end up missing the train.

As usual In this episode of Coffee Break Italian, the big day has arrived, La Notte di San Lorenzo.

Mia, Anna and Giorgio are full of expectations for the romance of the evening ahead and hope that it will be the perfect opportunity for Maria and Riccardo to get together.

After In this episode Francesca and Mark discuss one of Italy’s most famous authors, Italo Calvino.

Calvino’s work can be read on many levels, and as a result of the type of language used, his books are very accessible for learners of Italian.

From a grammatical point of view, this episode introduces some examples In lesson 32 of Coffee Break Italian Season 2 you’ll listen to the second instalment in our Italian soap opera, La Mia Estate.

Mia and her father are now on their way to Italy and in this episode they arrive in Verona where they’re met by Mia’s friend Anna and her mother, before heading to the campsite in Trento.

In this episode you’ll enjoy the finale of La Mia Estate and, as ever, Mark and Francesca are on hand to help you understand everything.Join Francesca and Mark for the latest episode of Walk, Talk and Learn Italian and learn new phrases which could affect your We’re back with another lesson of Coffee Break Italian, and in lesson 31 we’re presenting the first episode of our Italian soap opera, La Mia Estate. Well, do watch this video if you want to know how to use negative commands in Italian!You’ll meet three of our characters: Mia, her friend Anna, and her overprotective father Riccardo. Join Coffee Break Italian hosts Francesca and Mark for this latest episode of Walk, Talk and Learn Italian.As usual, Francesca and Mark are In the latest lesson of Coffee Break Italian we’re listening to episode 6 of our soap opera, La Mia Estate.Riccardo and Maria seem to be getting on well, much to the surprise of Mia, Anna and Giorgio, and Riccardo has some exciting news regarding his search for a house.

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