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“I wish you could see the photos we see – it’s hilarious and it’s sad and it’s self-sabotaging.”He recommends using a variety of photos, including at least one head shot and one that shows your entire body.It’s important to be honest, and use recent photos.” by heartily clapping the asker on the back, guffawing “DO I??!!!” and then chortling my way out of the room Ring: "Ring does not use facial recognition technology." Also Ring: Has a Head of Face Recognition research, job listing citing experience in face recognition website for Ring Ukraine touting semi-automated crime prevention based on face recognition…The Land of a Million Cereals C-print 30" x 20" 2008 The Land of a Million Cereals is an exhibition that examines the ideology of free choice in American consumer culture.Termed the “land of a million cereals” by mystified foreigners, breakfast cereal is uniquely American.

Take care with your photos Langston is amazed by the poor quality of photos users post.

And if you ‘re interested in the same sex, have a friend take a look.

Ideally, find someone who doesn’t know you that well but is still willing to give an honest assessment about how it might play.

In a society instilled with the belief in freedom of choice, the idea that more could mean less is difficult to swallow.

Cereal, in many ways, is a microcosm exemplifying our reality.

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