Internet killed the dating game

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In the mid-1990s, I was among those single guys who had conversations and met people via Internet chat rooms and through the rather primitive–but free!!! At the time, I found that they were supplements to but did not replace the time-tested, traditional methods of finding a date, such as meeting someone in a bar, at a religious service, or at some other social occasion.

Indeed, it was through the Internet that I found my last mate.

) And, the ease with which you can contact people–from a wink and icebreaker on Match and Yahoo, respectively, that take about 2 seconds to being able to save form notes to send to prospective mates–allows someone literally to send hundreds of messages in a short amount of time, hoping that one (or more) of those messages hits the bull’s-eye.

The problem is that often times that means that a person may get multiple replies–and multiple replies from people they find appealing.

So, being someone who’s online about 27 hours a day, I of course turned to the Internet.

When I re-entered the “meat market” after becoming single in 2005 following a seven-year relationship, I assessed the state of my social life and how I might go about getting back in the saddle.

But, Web personals have so radically transformed dating that I think that singles are even more likely to be exasperated and cynical about the dating process than they ever were, thus meaning that there are probably a lot of bitter singles out there who’ve been burned by the Web.For all of those stories about couples finding one another, the stories of my friends are often filled with hysterical–though depressing–stories about their dates made over the Internet.Many of them start with, “We had such a great time and made plans to meet up again, but then I never heard from them again…” (Oh, the tales I could tell of the lies that people tell about themselves, but I’ll save that for another time.) Companies have spent a great deal of money creating Spam filters for e-mail.With all of the options out there, this should making finding a date easy. Experience tells us that most people have profiles on multiple sites.(May I suggest to some Internet entrepreneur that they develop a federated search, so particularly earnest people don’t need to browse several sites?

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