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Players are different from bad boys because they use deception to seduce women, rather than waving their red flags like a cape before a bull.

Players are sexual con artists and the key to their game is an ability to skillfully lie.

If you slow things down and try to get to know them, they will move on to easier pickings.

Players know it is just a matter of time before you see through the con.

The problem is they can spend years or even playing the field with their revolving harem of women before they decide to commit, kind of like George Clooney who only recently got engaged.

Macks are cool and fun like bad boys, but they take their careers seriously and are highly successful.

They are also smooth and confident like players, but they never stoop to deception to seduce a woman.

Instead, his game is built around generating so much attraction in a woman that she surrenders and accepts being in his harem just to be around him.

He may actually want a long-term relationship, but always remember that chronic lying is addicting—an addition that requires at least a year of sobriety to begin to recover, just like any other.While they are usually well-dressed, smooth and confident, they can actually present themselves in a variety of different ways based on the con they are running.Their cons run the gamut from fake injuries to elaborate stories about fabulous trips they have never taken and are far too numerous to describe here.That’s only one in ten, which leaves plenty of good men to fall in love with as long as you throw the little ones back, slow it down and respect yourself enough to walk away.As always, please sign in and share your comments, questions and experiences below. Scott [image: via Sebastian Niedlich on flickr] Dr.

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