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If you're not part of a religious or cultural community where being a housewife would be expected of you, if you lead with the fact that you want to be a housewife, you're going to come off to a lot of guys like you're looking for a meal ticket, or worse, you'll attract men who are looking for someone to puppet by the purse strings. You should not advertise that you want to be a housewife to a man you aren't even dating yet. It’s scary how most men these days actually think they don’t want a housewife because it’s so frowned upon. One exception to this in my opinion is if you have a good parenting support network through your family.The decision for a man to be a provider for his wife and (future) children should come from a place of love and mutual respect/agreement. Actually deep down inside most women feel the same way you do because it’s natural and more beneficial to the children in my opinion, especially if the woman is intelligent and wants to raise them the right way. It’s not even natural for a woman to want a career. You need to find an intelligent enough guy who sees past all the bullshit. I would go out and make more girlfriends- lots of them… My mum loves kids and babies and since we're likely going to live in the same city when I settle down with my man she's offered to help watch her future grandkids.Real Housewives of Orange County ended their 13th season in late 2018 with fractured friendships and uncertainty.After months of speculation over which housewives will return and who is back part-time, Bravo finally dropped the trailer.How long will they last before it turns into a shouting match?You’ll have to tune in to find out if the therapy session works.Most quality guys aren't trying to wife up a damsel-in-distress, they want a woman who can function on her own with a job and then give her the option of staying home. It’s silly that we send our kids off to day care to spend the entire day with day care nannies who are incompetent. Looking back on how she raised me, I'm very pleased.

Meghan has also allegedly been sending the woman threatening texts and voicemails.I know that many conservative Christian men prefer that their wives not work; the problem is that I happen to be a Buddhist/atheist.Is there a dating site that is not Christian that caters to men who are looking for housewives and to women who would actually prefer this kind of life over a career? I think as long as you make it clear you enjoy traditional gender roles up front someone who agrees with the mentality will come your way. Your desire to be a housewife is not something you advertise to potential mates on a dating web site or upon first meeting, in my opinion.This is a discussion you have with a man when you've already reached the point that you're discussing a shared future and, hopefully, after coming to the conclusion that you have shared ideas for how marriage and parenthood are supposed to work. would you expect a company to give you a promotion if you haven't even been interviewed or hired yet?Why would a man agree to you being a housewife upfront if he doesn't know you and you just started dating, especially considering the risks he faces if you were to ever divorce? The way you're going about this is kind of tactless.

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