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May be including '/usr/gnu/lib' in the spec file change might solve this problem. Now, Zimbra Desktop for Solaris is finally available for download and to enjoy. I have run it on both Open Solaris as well as Solaris 10U5.

Now you should see the login screen and you should be able to log in to the configured Postgres database. Not sure about older versions of Solaris 10 though.

In the file Open RPT/renderer/graph.cpp, change line 780 to look like these two lines.

QColor c Map(_color Map[sd-color]);Set Color(snum, &c Map); When extracting Open RPT source code, you will have a directory like 'openrpt-3.0.0Beta-source', or something like that.

Then build the client, by running 'qmake' followed by 'gmake'.qmakegmake Next is GUI client itself.Download the source from Postbooks sourceforge site. For building under Sun Studio, one file needs to be changed.Edit the file 'xtuple/guiclient/post Purchase Orders By Agent.cpp', line 90, to replace '__PRETTY_FUNCTION__' with the name of the method itself (hardcode with ::s Post).There is a list of packages that is required for 8.3.pfexec pkg install -v SUNWpostgr-83-server SUNWpostgr-83-libs SUNWpostgr-83-client \SUNWpostgr-jdbc SUNWpostgr-83-docs SUNWpostgr-83-contrib SUNWpostgr-83-devel \SUNWpostgr-83-pl SUNWpostgr-83-tcl SUNWpgbouncer-pg83As for the Qt version 4, I took the easy way out by using spec-files-extra (SFE) to build Qt for me.Please see Building JDS on Open Solaris for instructions to set up the build environment for building Qt out of SFE.

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