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In turn, the IAAF responded that the regulations are not discriminatory, but that if they are, such discrimination is necessary and proportional given the IAAF’s goals.The material that follows is adapted from the arguments that I and others put forward to the CAS on behalf of the IAAF.I was recruited because I was one of the best under-18 (U18) female half-milers coming out of U. And because my family was poor, I might never have gone to college.My life story would have been altered in innumerable ways.The same is true for many other girls and women for whom elite sport has also been something of an equalizer in a world that has long privileged boys and men.It matters that girls and women are afforded opportunities equal to boys and men, including in elite athletics.

Most females, including most elite female athletes, have T levels in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 nanomoles per liter (nmol/L). The reason there is a gap, with no overlap between the ranges, is that beginning in puberty, the testes produce a lot more T than ovaries and adrenal glands combined.Specifically, the decision to carve out and equally to support separate men’s and women’s competition categories, reflects the widely-held view that girls and women are entitled to parity with boys and men in the distribution of sporting opportunities and the highly valued goods that flow from participation in this institutional setting.The continuing commitment to equality among the sexes in this sphere also reflects the data that show that empowering girls and women has exponential benefits for society. As I have written elsewhere, they include financial, psychological, and political benefits for individual champions; for their governments, leagues, companies, teams and communities; and for the “vast majority of athletes—both development and elite athletes—[who] benefit from the institutional structures established to cultivate the champions and the enterprise.” In the United States, the commitment to provide equal opportunities to girls and women in sport is based in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.As is now widely known, the IAAF’s rule was challenged by Ms.Caster Semenya, a multiple World and Olympic Champion in the 800 meters.

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