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Finally, she looked at me, with a grin, and asked, “would you let me do something like that?

So, I grinned at her and said, “Hell, yeah, I’d love to watch you fuck and suck every guy here.” With that, the guys at the door cheered and started pushing Megan to join in.Within seconds, she was totally naked and on her knees next to the two other girls on their knees.Not to be biased, but Megan was the hottest girl there.He handed her another beer, then introduced himself to Megan and me.He said, “hi, I’m Brad, and that’s my girlfriend Jen,” as he pointed at the girl on the bed getting fucked by two guys. Megan chuckled and asked, “That’s your girlfriend fucking those two guys? For some reason, I figured they were a naughty couple. As one guy fucked her from behind, she was slowly savoring the other guy’s dick with her mouth. The two girls on their knees were also there with their boyfriends.

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