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Look at the three text examples and try to tell me what he is doing wrong. I’ll give you an text message example very soon in this article.

But the main issue here is this: His tone of voice in the texts is totally different than it was in real life.

So, more specifically, if the vibe in real life was fun, then you send her something funny. But the point is that you don’t even need to text her some lines, you can send her a meme. If you had a more cocky vibe when you met her, then you should send her something cocky. It’s a great opportunity to make her laugh over text for the first time.

Let’s say that you were at a bar, and when you met each other you talked about Game of Thrones. And I have a extremely cocky first text message, and it’s good. Well, I’d say you are making a mistake of biblical proportions if you follow his texting rules for guys. Make sure she sees and reads the text, and then just act super casual. Here’s a trick one of my coaches is wild about: Whenever we are abroad and he meets a girl, he tries to set up some instant mini dates.

Imagine a guy having gathered all his courage to approach a girl. He wants to know what to text her after meeting her, and now he uses this example… What I’m going to tell you know might sound counter-intuitive… I want you to understand how emotional momentum works.

After a bit of good ol’ chit chat, the girl gave her number to Joe. His first text makes him look like he doesn’t know how humans build sentences.Now she knows you remembered her name, and you remember what the two of you talked about. And this is where my student starts applying techniques from my workshop. I have another technique for you, and it’s completely free. Those you meet online, and those you meet in real life. If you’re wondering how to text a girl for the first time, then you’ll love me for what I’m about to give you. Also, did you remember I just told you this standard version of the Clickbait Opener makes an even stronger impact if you adapt it to the girl you’re talking to? You can be sure they will answer with either a return-poem, or an aesthetic picture of a sunset.” Here’s a vomit bag for you. Let’s talk about a texting technique that gets her really INVESTED in you.Besides, referencing back to the initial conversation, brings back the emotions she felt back then. I threw up so quickly after reading that post, that I couldn’t grab the waste bag. Posts like this actually get read by thousands of guys. So that she wants to keep the conversation with you going, and doesn’t even think about walking away from you.With some of Conor Mc Gregor’s cockiness in the mix. That’s one piece of the puzzle of what to text a girl for the first time.The girl you’re texting feels this incongruence, and it turns her off. To avoid you from mismatching, I’m going to give you some text examples.

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I included it in a free video with 7 real life text examples 2 bonus follow-up lines to use after the opener. We’re starting off with how most men sabotage themselves, decreasing their chances of getting a fun reply to nearly zero.

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