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I tried to write it as general as possible to use it for other projects and integrations as well.

Resolving the password history corruption problem: Backup password history files: cd to /etc/security cp bak cp bak Zero-out the two original files: This will allow a change to the users password, however does not log any information to the history files (they will still be zero bytes until a password change is done again).

Description The /etc/security/and /etc/security/files are database files created and maintained by Database Manager (DBM) subroutines. The password list contains multiple pairs of a lastupdate value and an encrypted, null-terminated password.

The files maintain a list of previous user passwords. This password list is a key's associated content and the lastupdate value is a 4-byte, unsigned long.

), use "set list" in vi to display possible non-printing characters 2nd possibility: Maybe your root filesystem is full and that prevents /etc/passwd and /etc/security/passwd from being updated. If this is the case correct it and run the following commands to resynchronize the user database: usrck -t ALL pwdck -t ALL grpck -t ALL Afterwards the problem should be solved. possibility: The user database got corrupted because of some other problem.

Th following commands should solve the problem for the user, Ah, come on!

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Hi All, I am trying to fetch the Webi Report "xxxxxxxx " and getting below error "The Following database Error occurred : A Database error has occurred. I tried to check SAP KB article but I realized that I don't have access on SAP Support Portal.

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