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The phases seen in a classic 28-day cycle are distributed as follows: Day 1-5 Menstrual Phase Day 5-14 Proliferative Phase Day 14-15 Ovulation Day 15-28 Secretory Phase The first day of bleeding is considered Day 1 of the cycle and heralds the onset of the menstrual phase.The superficial functional layer undergoes necrosis and is accompanied by a neutrophilic infiltrate.Lupron therapy produces a shrinking of uterine leiomyomas by accelerating their hyaline degeneration, similar to that in postmenopausal involution. Tamoxifen for breast carcinoma has an estrogen-agonist effect on the uterus in approximately 20% of patients, who develop endometrial polyps, glandular hyperplasia, adenomyosis, and/or leiomyomata.Both endometrioid and nonendometrioid carcinomas are seen, often in polyps.Progesterone therapy for endometrial hyperplasia and neoplasia induces glandular secretory changes, decidual reaction, and spiral arterioles.

The aim of this study is to explore the transcriptomic profile of endometrial receptivity in different histological dating of hormone replacement cycle and its clinical application.

The epithelium contains mitotic cells and increase in tortuosity in the mid and late proliferative phase.

The stromal edema is most marked at the mid-proliferative phase.

After routine time transfer in the frozen embryo transfer cycle, the standard of histological dating and transcriptomic profile were determined according to the pregnancy outcome of the FET cycle .

The endometrial tissue is a sensitive target for steroid sex hormones and is able to modify its structural characteristics with promptness and versatility.

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When accurately performed, endometrial dating provides valuable information.

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