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I met this girl through bumble and feel soooo lucky cus were such a good pairing but I feel a bit embarrassed to answer the inevitable question of how did you guys meet.What are some good and plausible answers I can give instead of saying we met through an app. We've got good chemistry at least from talking on the phone and texting all this time but our schedules haven't allowed us to hang out yet.We don't want anything serious but I get along with her well enough and we could have a lot of fun this summer.

She goes to school a good 3 hours away from where I do so it just wouldn't seem logical. I started using the dating site I guess out of boredom and curiosity. Through using it I've met two very cool girls who I could see myself being in contact with for a while regardless of romantic interest.I'd say I learned a lot about how to interact better with girls, what they find funny and how to act with them.But I really think I've taken the online dating thing as far as it should go because I still can't quite translate that confidence into first time face to face interactions and I find myself being the same old shy quiet person around the girls that my group of friends hangs out with .It's funny when people say there is not a stigma attached to online dating anymore. "I want to be like them." It was as if meeting online was as natural as meeting at a party or through friends. The woman's as cute as a button, funny, pretty, and a total sweetheart.Let's just admit that we all say that because, even though it's become quite common to meet someone online, maybe there is still a teeny, tiny stigma attached to it? I can not help it, just like I can not help the fact that in my thirties, I'm not going to parties in my dorm anymore or meeting guys in my Psychology 101 class. And the man is handsome, a gentleman, and one of the kindest people I've met.

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