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Set in the Dordogne department of South Western France, Domme is a spectacularly picturesque village perched on an outcrop 250 metres above sea level, and offering panoramic views over the Dordogne valley.

It is often referred to as the ‘Akropolis des Perigord’ and the best places to stay in Domme are ideal bases for discovering this beautiful area.

My immediate supervisor is out shopping today, so I’m in the middle of restocking the last show of the previous season.

I did find an amazing pair of boots in the shoe bins, though.

Biff is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as me so it’d be super fun for us to go together.

And somehow I think her boyfriend would accompany us on this adventure.

Two days before he died, one of my dearest friends from undergrad succumbed to the brain cancer he’d been battling since our junior year.

Worst double booking of my life, I assure you of that.

Beneath the town there's an extensive cave system, accessible by glass lift.

I completely support any and all casual summer hookups, though, good for him! I had to turn down a date night with a lovely couple I’d been talking to for a bit, so I hope they find someone absolutely wonderful in my absence. I’ll be getting a Dostoyevsky quote for Jordan and I think a hummingbird and maybe some bluebells for my granddad.

We’ll see about my income, though, them bitches get real pricey. Also, I’m currently the only one working in my shop right now.

Biff and I have all sorts of theories as to why this is, all of them more ridiculous than the last.

He’s more than fine with getting me off, but stops me every time I try to reciprocate.

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I didn’t think I’d ever come back out to the East Coast, but none of my other offers pay as well as this one and unfortunately I have to follow the money at this point in my career.

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