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Others say he learned to appreciate his musical talent while behind bars.

Although he is rumored to have spent three years in jail for an array of charges including armed robbery, drug distribution and car theft, Huffington Post in 2008 reported that Akon may have fabricated the jail time for the sake of lyrical motifs in his music.

Destiny has popped out another child to keep Blue Ivy company!

A devout Muslim, Akon prides himself on never touching alcohol or smoking.Maybe everyone was just spelling his name wrong for a while...I guess I can deal with some of these minor shady details as long as Miss Kelly Rowland, baby Titan, and their family are happy and healthy, which seems to be the case.So as I was searching for further information on the claim that he produced a track on Michelle Williams' 2004 album, Do You Know, I came across some SUSPICIOUS details.I already shared how he was known as Tim Weatherspoon to many on the Internet, which is apparently NOT his name, but then when I search for producer credits on Wikipedia and All Music for Michelle Williams and Rowland, a producer Tim Weatherspoon pops up.

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