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Any recovery will be an uphill battle primarily against the SNP.

The sheer scale of SNP wave is incredible, easily topping 50% in polls for 2016 so far and even 60% in some.

This poses an opportunity for Lib Dem councillors now.

Starting from a low base they are well placed to benefit from an electorate sick of current councils who have been in post for years, and seeking to 'cast the rascals out'.

Scotland has been a heartland for the Liberal Democrats dating back to when they were the Whigs before the 1850's.

There is the least to say about the London elections.

It has been said many times but it needs remembering that the Lib Dems took huge losses during the Coalition.

They lost 2000 councillors (about half their total), 11 out of 16 MSPs in Scotland and 1 out of 6 Welsh AMs as well as many MPs and MEPs.

All these contests in 2016 pose their own unique challenges.

Basically, the political scene has got a lot more crowded in the last decade.

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The question is what can be the Lib Dem’s unique selling point for next May? Credible opposition to the The big factor that complicates this is the recent rise of UKIP particularly, and also the Greens.

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