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“Hudson is nothing but a piece of ****.” But fame undermined Dean, said his friend William Bast: “It was a disintegration, a splintering of an to whom,” Dean admitted.“Judy gave Daily Express Saturday March 19 2016 25 already multifaceted personality into a fragmented jigsaw puzzle.” The rising star increasingly sought thrills recklessly riding his motorbike or driving his car, though it horrified friends.One of her former lovers told me she even has hair growing between her breasts.” But the affair grew serious and Dean told Taylor’s husband Michael Wilding: “I’ve fallen in love with your wife.

On September 30, 1955, Dean was speeding to a race in Salinas, northern California, when he struck a car turning across his path.His mentor was the family’s Methodist preacher Dr James De Weerd who introduced the youngster to Shakespeare, yoga and sex, the book claims.“I lost my virginity to him,” Dean told a friend. “His affairs were often opportunistic and designed to further his career.” He was an unknown actor when introduced to Spencer Tracy who took Dean to bed only to burst into tears.“I don’t like who I am,” sobbed Tracy, who at the time was involved with Katharine Hepburn.In the morning Dean slipped away taking Tracy’s wallet and cash.“He had a violent streak in him,” said the fi lm’s director Elia Kazan.“He seemed threatening as if at any minute he could turn into a serial killer. Maybe a lot nuts.” Dean’s friend, composer Leonard Rosenman, said he “had a reputation for beating up his girlfriends”.Natalie Wood, his co-star and lover while filming Rebel Without A Cause, revealed: “Sometimes Jimmy liked to hurt his partner and be hurt.

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