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I only made up her nose and gave her new hair plus make-up and she turned out pretty well. after their wedding that I only found out that she has two children with my sim's son because of the moving option. Hahaha I originally had no intentions of getting them together, but Rain started rolling romantic wants toward Delvin one day out of the blue, so I let it happen. :lovestruc Rain's commitment issues may be a problem in the future for them, though.

Back in university i made them woohoo a lot of times but i didn't think she will get pregnant. Edge Fan/Sims/Screenshot-284(btw, all they seem to talk about is love and marriage.

:)Parker and Piper Langerak Getting her flowers on the first date was really cute of Parker, even while naked and right after a woohoo in the shower.... 6722Rose and Vince Ravenwood get married in their kitchen. has a bit of a crush on Shirley Lin, but every time he has tried to move their friendship to a romantic level, she rejects his advances. They're both so cute together, and smukase, all your couples are gorgeous! Angel & Jayce Pierson Jayce2Male couples just seem to make it more fun for me in Sims 3. server=545&filename=screenshot1666.jpg&res=landing [email protected] Dreamydre thank you! bout of kisses, I like how Chris shaved his head after he aged up, this makes him look more manly this is my favourite picture of Chris and Dante-Lee I love the expression, you can just tell that he is so nice and loving and that she is just a little naughty with a couple of screw's lose haha, some expressions just make the sim. Wren and Jake (I know he's blocking her face, but she's really cute, I promise) Murphy and Dana (Little picture, booo) is my latest couple Logan and Ashe Spark.

just decided to upload a picture I had for a while, Jack and Rose from Titanic. :lovestruc those default preggo clothes... S5678/Mortyand Bella_zps7f1e673( S5678/media/Mortyand Bella_zps7f1e673html) Bella: Oh, Morty... I don't usually take pictures of them, but as I finally had the courage to build the entire house (and I'm really happy with it), I took some photos this time.

Llama/Flitt Legacy Chapter Two/Screenshot-110-2Here's Penelope Flitt and Iqbal Alvi. YES YOU ARE CORRECT ///gives a cookie Ethan Ciano and Trish O'Donoghue I love these two. @katiem253: Jeanne reminds me of someone I know personally, think it's the eyebrows and nose ring. I love the way Matthew is staring at her (: @Rainy_Day: I love the name Amelia! @no.[666]bicycle: I love the way you have the different phases of their live combined, very nostalgic! I felt like picking up a car and throwing it at something. It's Connor Frio and his wife, Marley; they just turned into elders, yet the chemistry is still there! met a female sim, Berthe Girard, resembled to his type of female character on fictional story he had written before.

I didn't even have to force them into a relationship to fit Omerta's storyline - they started flirting immediately. @Emoted Llama: I never realized Igbal has a unibrow? Wren & Spencer you purposefully name them after the couple on PLL or was it just a coincidence..? Even when their daughter Chantelle is begging for their attention, apparently. (Actually I made this story way back before movie Ruby Sparks was out, coincidentally my base plot looks similar like that movie, i really have no idea. Fredrick, Can not remember what it was before he married Momoko, he was a proprietor, when they met it was like fireworks, all Momo wanted was to talk to him.

I moved them into a little starter home and let them work until they had like 3 days until the Adult life stage and then adopted Heaven. The only thing I added was a different hairstyle and the eyes. I am now into a legacy home with them, and heaven and her mommy's are totally enjoying the pool, and the beach behind them :)Amber (l) and Holly (r).

Have been playing these two lovely gals for over 2 and a half years, and I don't feel like ever abandoning them. Next year they're getting married, and Amber's thinking of getting a job in corporate.

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