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But the maths are obvious: if your revenues fall by 10 per cent and all other costs (rentals, payroll, etc) are fixed in the short term, one of the few disposable expenditures is advertising, and, since it is relatively small at the scale of the company, the cut has to be much higher than 10 per cent to make any significant impact on the bottom line.

It is easy to be cynical and say that if marketers did really believe in the power of advertising they would actually increase spending in tough times.

Nobody likes being sold these days; all of us want to be recommended from a helpful style.

The first, although not immune from recession, is likely to be relatively better off because subscribers face exit barriers and cannot leave overnight.

And staying at home and watching football or movies on Sky—for which you are already paying every month anyway—is after all the cheapest way to spend a family evening.

Therefore many many new directories appearing, which include the best post sites?

on August 23, 2019, pm Going which will help much specially for competitive keywords.

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In this context, how are ad-funded businesses likely to fare the storm, compared with other media/entertainment sectors?

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