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Let’s suppose you’ve been dating someone for several months, and everything has been moving along well.

The two of you are well matched, laugh at the same things, and enjoy romantic sparks. Should you address the situation, talk it out, and continue with the relationship? Those questions were more than hypothetical for Abby, who had been going out with Tom for six months when he got caught in a lie.

In fact, a lie would likely spell the end of a dating relationship.

Other people are willing to consider the circumstances and severity.

But even if he is telling the truth, I wouldn't consider him a good bet. The only thing sometimes is if you feel you are putting your desires for the relationship on hold, if you feel you are waiting around to be treated like a priority in his life, if you feel you have to bite your tongue on your opinion about how things are handled or you may come across as pushy and demanding then I would suggest not waiting around for another 2 years before taking a step.

It sounds as if you have handled the situation like an adult, but eventually enough becomes enough. "He believes that if we become more serious that she will make it harder for him to see his kids or try to replace him as a dad. For some reason I do not think things are going to change any time soon.

“Cancelling the date was just a minor disappointment, but his lie about it was a major disappointment.But if you have lots of strengths to draw on, overcoming a problem like this is doable. Lying in any way, of course, is a bad idea and a poor choice.Still, lies have different magnitudes—some are tremors, others are full-fledged earthquakes.Before they met, she had one child and included him in the child’s life early on in their relationship.He says he doesn’t care if she gets another man but he knows how fasts she moves & doesn’t want his kids around just anybody.

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