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Other parts of the country are also at risk of terrorist attacks.Targets could include: Always be aware of your surroundings when in public places.However, the threat of cross-border terrorist activity remains and attacks have targeted security forces.Tunisian security forces regularly conduct counter-terrorism operations in the border areas of the governorates of Jendouba, Kasserine and Kef.Political, social and economic tensions have caused civil unrest throughout the country, but mostly occur in central and southern Tunisia and in parts of Tunis.

When walking, be especially cautious as cars don’t routinely stop at pedestrian crosswalks or stoplights.

Security forces are on a high state of alert and carry out anti-terrorism operations across the country to prevent attacks.

A state of emergency remains in effect since 2015 following a deadly bus bombing targeting National Guard officers in downtown Tunis.

Regularly review your security practices and remain alert to the changing situation.

There is an ongoing threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping along the border with Algeria, especially in the mountainous areas in the northern half of Tunisia. Due to the flow of suspected terrorist cells and militants, as well as contraband, between Tunisia and neighbouring countries, the Tunisian government has increased its security presence at borders with Algeria and Libya.

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