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When humans experience attraction, most people are not aware of myriad biological processes driving their desire.This paper seeks to synthesize different research on the processes behind human mate selection.Studies have shown that particular genes, such as the ones that code for the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC), which controls what the immune system considers native or foreign, influence attraction patterns through the production of maximally dissimilar scent profiles between partners.Differences in MHC allele locations have also indicated an increase in the potential for attraction between individuals, suggesting that humans tend to mate with MHC dissimilar partners 1, 2, 5.The overarching theme of this research paper is the relationship of olfaction to the main biochemical mechanisms of attraction.In this article, I will first explore current research on the process of olfaction and its role in human processes and society.Research has found that people are instinctively drawn to those with dissimilar MCH genes, and that couples tend to be far less related than an average sampling of the population.

This would promote collaborative investigation and aid in a holistic understanding of how both the human mind and body work.Exposure to a deeper understanding of attraction will allow readers to begin thinking more logically about their emotions and discover the intimate effect that science has on their daily lives.The current, compartmentalized method for research in attraction stifles the growth of interdisciplinary thought and prevents new discoveries from influencing future scientific inquiry effectively.What society has considered beautiful or attractive in the past is not necessarily what is considered beautiful in the present.Attraction and beauty are not constant ideas, but rather fluctuating concepts based on popular culture and social norms.

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My research will be an initial attempt to solve this problem, analyzing and synthesizing current information on how the human body’s numerous chemical and biological processes work cohesively to manifest feelings of physical attraction under the unifying theme of olfaction.

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