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Developments in Eastern painting historically parallel those in Western painting, in general a few centuries earlier.Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world.Developments in Eastern painting historically parallel those in Western painting, in general, a few centuries earlier.Initially serving utilitarian purpose, followed by imperial, private, civic, and religious patronage, Eastern and Western painting later found audiences in the aristocracy and the middle class.The paintings are quite naturalistic, though stylized.The figures are not three-dimensional, even though they overlap.The animals are accompanied by signs which suggest a possible magic use.

Until the early 20th century it relied primarily on representational, religious and classical motifs, after which time more purely abstract and conceptual approaches gained favor.

The colors, mostly various shades of red and orange, were derived from minerals.

The history of Eastern painting includes a vast range of influences from various cultures and religions.

The earliest paintings were not representational but ornamental; they consisted of patterns or designs rather than pictures.

Early pottery was painted with spirals, zigzags, dots, or animals.

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From the Modern era, the Middle Ages through the Renaissance painters worked for the church and a wealthy aristocracy.

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