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The Records Coordinator will notify you when the request has been received, will provide you with periodic updates on the status of the request, and will provide the records to you once they are available.Arizona's statutes (laws) do not designate an age when a child can be left alone.

The law allows DCS to release records only in cases of abuse, abandonment or neglect resulting in a fatality or a near fatality.Adoption is the legal process transferring parental rights from one set of parents to another.When in foster care, the birth parents’ rights are terminated and the adoptive parents are granted parental rights of the child.State law requires that the Department coordinate with the appropriate prosecuting agency before records on specific cases can be released.It also requires that the Department take appropriate steps to protect the privacy of crime victims, sources of DCS reports, and innocent parties in a case (such as siblings, grandparents, etc.) before the DCS records can be released.

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When calls come into DCS, specific questions are asked to help determine if there is a problem for the child. This could result in a DCS Specialist contacting the children and parent about the report and making an assessment of any needed services.

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