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1) when john the baptist appeared to prophet Joseph smith and Oliver Cowdery to confer on them the Aaronic priesthood , He told them that the priesthood shall never be taken away from the earth until the sons of levi do offer again an offering unto the lord in righteousness, so i want to know Why He More said so and also what if the children of levi offer a righteous sacrifice unto the lord,wont the lord accept it.

2) it was in 1829 that the priesthood was restored back no the earth and as such those not of our faith has been performing the baptism which is not acceptable unto the lord before the restoration of what if those people that were baptism do not have descendants who are members of our church in other to perform baptism for the death for them, how will they be judge by God during judgement since no body that is not baptise will see the kingdom of God.

A prophet in the past advised that we shouldn't hunt for sport unless its a need.

People often get that confused and mistaken that we shouldn't hunt unless you absolutely need too. As a recent convert, I've struggled a lot with how others accept and interact with the gospel.

She is just as much our creator as our Father and surely She has just as much input in the planning and justice and mercy of the world.They seemed to be prominent during the restoration in Palmyra and Kirtland, but then we don't really hear about them during Missouri, Nauvoo, and later. I struggle with suicidal thoughts and feelings of inadequacy. Also I am taking self reliance classes and still feel I'm not closer to being self reliant.When I served my mission, i only began to love it towards the end, but as I have had a few months home, I feel like I have lost so much of that joy. or so I thought, but since being home, I’ve been bombarded with questions on the Word of Wisdom, Polygamy, the LGBT communi Morety, and Priesthood topics, such as why woman cannot possess it and black men were not allowed to receive it. My whole family grew up in the church, but as the years have gone on, my mom, sister, and little brother have become inactive due to these sorts of concerns, and I fear I may be falling into the same rut, because I just don’t know anymore.Elder Cook, I would like to ask you to share the truest and most in-depth answer you can regarding why non-white men in the church were b More Is it possible for Joseph to have introduced false doctrines into the church?Could he have introduced false practices while still being a prophet of God?

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