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Sitting back in doubt, confusion, and misery isn’t going to produce anything positive.

Taking a positive and more direct approach will make things a lot clearer.

That doesn’t help him any and it damn sure isn’t helping you.

So if he stopped calling, and you don’t know why…just go ask him.

**Have you ever felt like guys always overlook the good girls?

It can be extremely frustration when your boyfriend doesn’t communicate with you.

If you attack him with your questioning of why he stopped calling, or give off negative energy, then yes you may receive a lot of resistance or flat-out dismissal regardless of if he really liked you or not.

More often then not, there is something going on that you NEED to be aware of.We’d been dating for a month and I really liked him.The only thing that worried me was that I was always the one initiating contact with him. The first impression is good and you two exchange numbers.You have a conversation, maybe two, maybe several and nothing seems to be wrong. The possibilities are endless, and in your pursuit to figure out why he stopped calling, you explore all of them. I did a speaking engagement over the weekend at the wonderful Bellissima Studios in Atlanta, GA.

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Yeah I know that sucks but you just have to let it go.

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