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Pete is stunned when Andy, oblivious to Clark's intentions, gives Clark his credit card and sends him to the mall with Erin to buy several additional outfits.Pete manages to thwart Clark's plans by convincing Andy to accompany her as a co-anchor (with Pete himself as "Andy's make-up guy"), much to Clark's disappointment.Onboarding is one of the hardest things to get right in the employee life cycle, but in my opinion, the most important.If you get that part right, then they’ll be that much more engaged, and that much more productive.

Several co-workers note their resemblance to Jim and Dwight, dubbing them "New Jim" and "Dwight Junior".When Andy and Erin drive to Connecticut to see off the Bernard family boat, which is being sold to pay off family debt, Pete covers reception for Erin.After Erin returns without Andy (Andy decided to sail the boat to its buyer in the Bahamas himself, taking his brother, but not her, much to her disappointment), Pete invites her to join some of his friends for drinks and pool. Pete is said to be in his twenties and originally hails from Vermont (much like the actor who plays him). Pete, along with Clark Green, is one of two staff members hired as customer service representatives at the Scranton branch of fictitious paper distributor Dunder Mifflin, replacing the outgoing Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard at the start of the show's ninth and final season.

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A bored Pete begins constructing a large tower out of the complaint cards, with Erin, and several other co-workers joining in.

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