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You can choose to focus on what’s disappointing about the process, or you can choose to be empowered by the possibilities.Here are a few ways to create the latter: Take your time.

Or perhaps you’d go out more often and flirt face-to-face — opportunity would be gained.In IRL’s Virtual Connections episode, Chloe Stuart-Ulin gives a first-hand account of her life as a “closer” for an online-dating service; we hear a dramatic, real-life story about a woman who finds her biological parent online; and Emma Brockes talks about how we can all maintain humanity while interacting with others on the internet.In the modern romantic context, “getting back on the horse” more often than not means plunging into the world of online dating.As an online dating coach, I’ve witnessed both the incredible gift that dating on the internet is, and the ways that we allow technology to get in our way in relationships.I’ve sat next to the man who met his wife on a dating site, and I’ve been the girl who was catfished before the term existed.

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