Dailybooth not updating twitter

You can also comment on their photos they post by following the live feed or checking in on Booths you are following.

Daily Booth is also synchronous: users are constantly uploading pics to the world.

Because of the live feed, any user might be likely to comment on your picture rather than people you know.

There is not a “friend” feature on Daily Booth, but you can “like” or “follow” other users’ Booths.

Not everyone uses it, but the majority of people do some type of textual abbreviation in their “posts.” Since the main focus of the site is on the photos, it is expected that people write very little to accompany their pictures.

It may seem silly to have a site completely based on pictures, but photoblogging sites are growing in number just as rapidly as anything else.

As a result, when you are viewing the “live feed,” there is actually a “pause” button so you can catch up with the ones you missed if they were posting too quickly.

The instant a user takes or uploads a picture, it’s on the site.

You can also see the “live feed” at the bottom of the screen.

Once you get an account, you are directed to your home page.

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