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Membership is free and information is used only to manage your membership here. It means that I will not allow this venue to be co-opted by everyone with a particular fetish interest.I will also ban from the site entirely if the forums or social areas of the site are misused for pay site promotion.I do not oppose promotion of non-pay social or blog sites which relate directly or indirectly to this lifestyle as long as sharing the site is in the context of conversation and not just spamming some site.The UK chatroom has been introduced in intrest of the users from United Kingdom.If you are a stranger willing to talk to a stranger from United Kindgom, you have come to the right place.If you are entirely sure you are properly logged into the site (username displays in the top right corner), yet the chat tab or bubble on mobile doesn’t appear, it most likely means you’ve been banned.By reading the rules above you should be able to figure out why based on your own behavior.

Our online chat rooms do not require you to register.Repeatedly visiting chat as a guest will gain you infamy and a likely ban.Joining as a guest is to get a feel for the place and to contact the admin.If I reach out to you in that way, be honest, admit your mistakes and we might move past it.If I am lied to and I catch someone in it, I rarely give a second chance and I never give a third.

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  1. Lucky Penny is co-created by one of my favorite artist and writer teams, Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsh, who also create the webcomic Johnny Wander plus many other independent comics and collaborations.