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Now keep in mind that four windows are boarded up , so it was dark. Before we went to that trailer house, we played with a home-made ouija board. So, when we got in we saw trash on the floor, a alien ring, a weird head the on a wall, a toilet in the kitchen, and a baby feeding chair in the freaking living room. " and the land-based matinee just starts yelling (in my face) "he ignored me Carl CARL! I took a deep breath and simply started to walk away when she grabs my arm and starts talking like freaking HARLEY QUINN FROM THE BLOODY BATMAN GAMES AT ME!I'm freaking out and yelling out for help whilst I've got this damn ogre going schitzo on my arm.So we had to army crawl to the trailer house because it was private property (didn't know that either). Then, as on cue, the screen door we left open, close and locked.

It is based on Gene Ray's personal model of reality and is pretty strange, to say the least. You can see the births and deaths around the world in green and red dots, constantlhy blinking. The site claims the Earth will be destroyed by catastrophies and only loving and believing people who have their 4th heart chakra opened will be able to transvibrate to a higher dimension.

So I get my phone out and call her from the recently dialed menu and I hear "THIS IS HALLOWEEN THIS IS HALLOWEEN! I quickly turn around as that damned song made me jump and stood literal inches from my face is the same creature who creeped me out at the station.

Smelling like she had not had a bath in roughly ten years and with a look on her face which could only mean me waking up with a missing kidney she says "Hey Ryan, why did you ignore me! I was both shocked and confused so I just let out a "wha? Now I am honestly a little scared as there's a crowd looking at us.

Luckily an older bloke comes up from the crowd and grabs her by the arm and tells her to clam down, at which point she fucking pushes him away like some Albanian Field Wench and proceeds to leap on me!

I hit the ground pretty hard which wasn't even the worst part.

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