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Keyshia Cole has reportedly found love with 22-year-old Sound Cloud rapper, Niko Khalé.Niko has been flaunting Keyshia all over his social media account, and the two look kind of cute together, don’t you think?Recently Daniel took to his blog to write how he doesn’t use Facebook nor Twitter. Hope everyone is blessed and living life to the fullest not letting the haters hold you down but using it as motivation. Well this message is for my fans out there in the facebook and twitter world. I’m not on facebook or twitter but I’ve been hearing from my people that somebody out there is faking like they are me and being respectuful to my fans.

For over a decade, LALATE has been a proud licensed member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.

BTW, Keyshia is 36 so this obviously won’t be ending well for her.

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News is that Keyshia was in the Bahamas with her fiance. Same thing happened to Beyonce and Jay, Ashanti and Nelly so just give it some time.

She was seen with a huge rock on her finger and she stated that her fiance was asleep in the room. Months ago, the rumor was that Keyshia Cole and Young Jeezy had something going on. But c'mon, if you're in the Bahamas with someone, you guys are definitely more than just friends. She was seen in a club with Jeezy and had to smack up some employees at a club and ran out with Jeezy.

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