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Paul Brown, Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh, three of the game’s greatest innovators and winners of multiple championships, all had to wait three-to-five years for induction. There does appear to be a voting prejudice against non-players, which only seems to be getting worse.

At least that was true until the 2000 season, which is the first time there was no active head coach who became a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.Sixteen, or exactly half, of the league’s 32 coaches have fewer than three full seasons of experience as a NFL head coach, so picking out sure-fire Hall of Famers from this group is not that hard when so few qualify right now.The difficulty comes in assessing what makes a coach worthy of the Hall of Fame.Some of these results are shocking, to say the least.George Halas and Curly Lambeau were charter members of the first Hall of Fame class in 1963, but since then only three coaches have been first-ballot choices: Tom Landry, Chuck Noll and Don Shula.

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Seventeen teams have hired their current head coach since 2011.

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