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Users who want to switch to the Online build must use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall the old version; they can then start using the Online build (which will install itself the first time you launch the application).In order to run Main Boss Advanced using Click Once, the following software must be installed on the user's system: If a user attempts to run Main Boss through the Click Once web page without having the appropriate prerequisites, Main Boss will display the message "System update required".

In the left hand panel, keep expanding entries until you find the one for the web site that your Click Once uses.Click Once is simple to use but complicated to set up.It requires an IT department with a high degree of technical sophistication.If so, make sure you tell your users to start Click Once at least once through the web page rather than just using the entries in their Start menus. Because if users start Click Once through their Start menus, Windows looks for the software .If the software can't be found (because it's been moved), Windows just uses the local version of Main Boss without issuing a message.

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