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The Mystical Body of Christ is formed by the members that make up the Body and the Head that is Christ. But Christ wanted a Church made up of brothers who were in communion with each other and with him.Christian singles are placed in the heart of the Church of Christ and can meet it in two ways: in the Eucharist and building deep interpersonal relationships with the other members of the Mystical Body of Christ.The past and the future lose more and more their importance and the present is overrated.

Christian singles today, however, are immersed in a society where it is difficult to "know" in the biblical and strong sense of the term.

Everything is more ephemeral and fleeting, even human relationships.

We are in the ephemeral society where even human relationships are no longer as lasting as they were but magmatic and unstable.

Solidarity is undermined by "liquid" society where what matters is the present and consumerism.

In fact, the most important temporal dimension is the present ie the carpe diem.

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Human relationships are also often considered to be products to be consumed.

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