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Home was a 6-by 10-foot tin and wood shack with no running water or that he still had friends who would help him make something more of himself.I chose to assign the Gordon Parks essay called Flavio's Home.Written with crisp, precise prose, these twelve stories are a stylish and modern take on noir fiction.Born into a Muslim family, Yacoub searches for truth in Islam. Jesus has not limited his miracles to people who lived when he was on earth.Ironically, his combat skills draw the attention of an ambitious female war correspondent who seeks to discover his true identity.The hunter becomes the hunted when her article is published in a revealing expose.He has one weakness: he cannot refuse helping vulnerable, innocuous victims.It is a carry over from when his survivor Jewish parents were killed in a train accident and he left the orphanage to live on the streets of Buenos Aires, an eight-year old with a dog for his only friend.

The challenges in each of their lives are not unlike the soul-searching that each of us faces in our own daily struggle to remain true to ourselves, and maintain a connection to the biblical commandment; “Love your neighbor as yourselves.” A challenge not easily embraced along with the admonition that all men are created equally.

It is your personal guidebook on the road to health and wellness. Rogers teaches readers how to recognize personal wellness and empowers them to make healthy choices in their daily lives. Rogers can help you discover peace, contentment, and greater self-esteem as you nurture your body, mind and soul. However, co-authors Davidson, straight mother of a gay son and Tobkes, a gay Manhattan psychiatrist, make coming out and its aftermath easier to understand.

The authors help parents overcome acceptance barriers. Tobkes gives useful action plans and conversation starters for parents so they can come to terms with their child's coming out.

A riveting, inspiring, spiritual journey that will enhance your life and live in your heart.

The Portrait is a story about three people from different cultures struggling to live through the social evolution of the 1960’s.

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"The Alchemist" meets "A Wrinkle in Time" in this mystical, magical adventure where time-travelers seek a cure for aging and arrive in Acronos, a land of beauty and harmony.

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