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Yahoo purged those chat rooms within 24 hours of becoming aware of them, but was it enough to protect teens?Drastic changes shot into place restricting chat rooms to users 18 and older and closed Yahoo Teen Chat for good.However, it was quietly dropped after Facebook admitted that a majority of people weren't using it.Just a few months after launching Snapchat competitor, Riff, a collaborative video creation app for both i OS and Android users in 2015, Facebook plugged the plug on it.These same techniques need to be addressed in the cyber world where teens hang out today and where outsiders infiltrate the perceived safety of online social circles with complete anonymity.It is the end of an era for 90s kids as Yahoo shuts down its once-popular Messenger after a 20-year run.Responsibility to protect the child or teen from harmful content rests with the parent-not Yahoo.Teens active on message boards are no longer segregated from adults, and are now protected under the administration of "family" supervision.

Launched on March 9, 1998 as Yahoo Pager, the service was later re-branded as Yahoo Messenger in 1999. As the service ends today, Twitterati turned nostalgic and mourned the end of the Messenger.

Online networking is intertwined with today's culture.

Laws can be made, but new opportunities and technology will emerge. Pretending it isn't there or won't happen to you doesn't make it go away or keep you safe.

Yahoo Teen Chats opened unsuspecting teens to sexual predators.

Teens continue to chat elsewhere since the shutdown of Yahoo Teen chat.

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