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Needle bearings are used in applications where high load capacity, high precision and small overall dimensions are required. The strength of Nadella’s production consists also in the ability of producing special items at a reasonable price.

Every bearing contains the long experience acquired from Nadella through decades of design, production and application.

When positioned correctly, the camshafts are at the neutral position (no valve load), easing the installation of the camshaft bearing caps (Figure 1).

The camshaft bearing caps are identified numerically (1 through 4), intake or exhaust (I or E) and should be installed from the front to the rear of the engine.

The location and direction of each cap is marked on the side of the cap.

Each camshaft is made from nodular cast iron and each has a pressed on magnetic timing wheel that is magnetically coded.

Camshaft failure is a major repair for any type of engine design, whether it be overhead valve (OHV) or overhead cam (OHC).

It doesn’t matter if the engine is a rear wheel drive (RWD) vehicle or one that is front wheel drive (FWD), this job is going to take some time.

The camshafts can be removed without removing the cylinder heads.

The valvetrain uses cam followers with hydraulic valve lifters.

The camshaft bearing caps are made of powdered metal.

Position each cam follower onto the valve lifter and valve stem.

Be sure the valve stem fits securely into the cam follower guides.

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