C validating a credit card number

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Further, you know that how it can be recognized by matching the prefixes in the credit card number, the IIN code and PAN number along with the checksum.

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If they are only invalid four 4 character groups, we can simply check whether the current character import re PATTERN='^([456][0-9])-? A valid credit card number - must contain exactly 16 digits, - must start with a 4, 5 or 6 - must only consist of digits (0-9) or hyphens '-', - may have digits in groups of 4, separated by one hyphen "-".

(s0,s1,s2,s3), (s1,s2,s3,s4), (s2,s3,s4,s5), ..." a, b, c, d = itertools.tee(iterable, 4) next(b, None) next(c, None) next(c, None) next(d, None) next(d, None) next(d, None) return zip(a, b, c, d) def val_rep(num): return not any( all(head == item for item in (a, b, c)) for head, a, b, c in quadwise(num) ) def valid_creditcard(card): groups = re.match(REGEX, card) if not groups: return False if card.count('-') not in (0, 3): return False return val_rep(''.join(groups.groups())) if __name__ == '__main__': total_count = int(raw_input()) cards = [ raw_input() for count in range(total_count) ] for card in cards: if valid_creditcard(card): print('Valid') else: print('Invalid') import re PATTERN = "([4-6])([0-9]-? )([0-9])" def is_valid_creditcard(sequence): """Check if a sequence is a valid credit card number.

Visit Stack Exchange total_count = int(raw_input()) numbers_list = [] #refernece list to check the starting series start_list = [4,5,6] for count in range(total_count): numbers_list.append(raw_input()) #condition 1, validates the starting series def val_start(num): if int(num[0]) in start_list: return True else: return False #to check if individial elements of the list are of length=4 #4321-5555-67899-9991, splitted to ["4321","5555","67899","991"] which is invalid def val_group(num): for val in num.split("-"): if len(val) !

= 4: return False return True #condition 2, validates the length of the number def val_len(num): check = num check2 = True if "-" in num: check = "".join(num.split("-")) check2 = val_group(num) if ((len(check) == 16) and check2): return True else: return False #condition 3, validates if input consists only number def val_isdigit(num): if not num.isdigit(): for ch in num: if not (ch.isdigit() | (ch == "-")): return False return True #condition 4, validates the repetition of any number for 4 consective times def val_rep(num): res = "".join(num.split("-")) for i in range(len(res)): try: if (res[i] == res[i 1]): if (res[i 1] == res[i 2]): if (res[i 2] == res[i 3]): return False except Index Error: pass return True for num in numbers_list: #returns all the values into a list result = [val_start(num), val_len(num),val_isdigit(num), val_rep(num)] if False in result: print("Invalid") else: print("Valid") First of all, you should encapsulate your functionality in a function, unless you really want to use your code only once.

Sequence must not: -Use any other separator; -Have 4 or more consecutive repeated digits.

""" for i, n in enumerate(sequence): try: if (sequence[i], sequence[i 1], sequence[i 2], sequence[i 3] ) == (n, n, n, n): return False except Index Error: pass return bool(re.match(PATTERN, sequence)) Thank you for your interest in this question.

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""" # do your stuff here We're missing the four consecutive digits.

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