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Although these Andean tribal groups are extremely large and are very determined when it comes to the preservation of their traditions, the real culture of the country involves many others. By the time that the Spanish people arrive, they focused their development efforts on the highlands of the country on the west side, because their sole interest was to extract silver from the mines in Oruro and Potosi so they could later ship the silver to Spain.

However, the North and the Southern and Eastern portions of the country were virtually abandoned.

I am intelligent, self-assured, passionate and happy.

I have a good sense of humor and enjoy socializing and having fun. Hi i'm a easy going hard worker country guy ,i've been around and worked on farms most of my life .

One typical misconception is that the customs and culture of Bolivia are extremely homogenous which means more people think of this country as a kind of Andean country for the reason that the Bolivian government has projected historically the Quechua and Aymara cultures only in massive tourism promotion efforts.

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