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It can be said that no other study by Tommy Nelson captures the essence of life, nor gives insight into how God taught Tommy to navigate through the toughest part of his journey.

Looking through the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter by chapter, Nelson seeks, finds and shares the most rewarding approach to life.

, the study of the bible and religious beliefs have always been an important part of a Christian education.

Even in modern times, the establishment of prestigious Christian schools such as Yale, William and Mary, and Princeton set the standard in early American education.

Financially, Moody is also one of the cheapest schools we found. ), while other costs such as books, room and board, etc. If looking to enter a ministry, look no further than Moody.

throughout the country, and more than 15,000 residential students.

It is also a larger university than most Bible schools (6,000 students), but the demand is likely due to Biola’s exceptional curriculums.

Tommy Nelson, the expert on Song of Solomon and gifted teacher, teaches the first 4 chapters of this wonderful book.When this book has been understood reformation and new life follow shortly.Romans is set at just the perfect pace for any Christian who wants to understand the most central book in the Bible. The Book of Ruth is simply put the greatest love story, ever. These are deep waters and waters that we must have the true compass or else they will cause such pain in our lives.For both singles and married couples, this exegetical study follows Solomon's relationship from attraction to dating and courtship, marriage and intimacy to resolving conflict, keeping romance alive, and committing to the end.

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