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Director: Graham Linehan Tara attempts to unmasking who started the fire in the manor and learns that she is the Supreme Everine, with the power to decide the future. See full summary » Director: Chris Cottam Miranda makes an effort to get over Gary's departure to Hong Kong by reinventing herself as a more worldly, sophisticated woman, which is not easy, as her mother has moved in with her. See full summary » Director: Juliet May The four bunk off School and get drunk.Simon tells Carli D'amato he loves her by writing it on her drive way in big letters.Simon, to the detriment of his own subjects, is excited when Carli comes to his house to revise, revealing that she is single again and rewarding him with kisses...See full summary » Director: Ben Palmer The comedic misadventures of Roy, Moss and their grifting supervisor Jen, a rag-tag team of IT support workers at a large corporation headed by a hotheaded yuppie.Director: Steve Hughes Simon takes Tara, a girl in the class below him, to a gig at a pub where to impress her, he has told her that he can get any drugs - courtesy of Jay. See full summary » Director: Ben Palmer When the Yanks come to the Royal Oak Gary is able to get Ron the parts he needs to build his own jeep and Reg discovers he has a black cousin, in the area to trace his ancestors. See full summary » Director: Robin Nash A comedic documentary series in which Charlie Brooker uses a mix of sketches and jaw-dropping archive footage to explore the gulf between real life and television. See full summary » Director: Douglas Mackinnon It's Will's seventeenth birthday and he is planning a dinner party but it clashes with a more popular bash so that his only guests are Neil, Jay, Simon and Simon's exchange student Patrice....

The four soon get closer and together enjoy their final year of school by going out, drinking alcohol, and dating with girls.

It ends badly when Simon and Will's parents find out what they've been doing all day.

Director: Gordon Anderson The end of term exams loom.

They are associated with a rejection of traditional values.

These hippie kids protested against the Vietnam War and participated in the civil rights movement.

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