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Even considering the strife and challenges of living through seven decades — some of these Island ’66ers had lost spouses and even children — no one appeared disappointed with his or her present lot in life, and, truly, all the usual melodrama of adolescence had long been laid to rest.For example, Faith “Hasty” Runner had been a transplant from Westport, Conn., but she remembers her Island classmates, in retrospect, as “darling.” She recalls a certain amount of cliqueishness among the kids who’d known each other since grammar school days (such as attendees Nancy Abbott and Rosalie Bassett Domont, who grew up across the street from each other in Edgartown and were still joined at the hip at the party), but now Faith swears now that those long ago cliques don’t matter anymore.Dickie Gale, who in his youth was mad about hunting and fishing, has lived here forevermore as a builder, and while he notices the changes all around him, is unfazed.Nelson Oliver has a familiar face to all the quotidian folks of Oak Bluffs — he’s the office machinery engineer at Da Rosa’s printing.And everyone pointed across the crowded room at “Mr.Popular,” Jeffrey Madison, a party boy who surprised everyone by skedaddling off to law school and becoming a judge, for crying out loud!My assignment: Report on last Saturday’s 50th high school reunion gathering of the MVRHS class of ’66 at the Wharf in Edgartown.

I knew from a glance at the yearbook that none of the guys had long hair or even sideburns; they proudly displayed the shiny pompadours of an earlier age.

In attendance also was class valedictorian Elaine Garneau, now a longtime Bostonian, recently retired from consulting, accounting, and work in nonprofits such as the much-admired Pine Street Inn.

She might claim to have hung up her holster workwise, but she takes classes, involves herself in senior groups, and volunteers at the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

They had other people’s parents with an eye on them wherever they roamed, and teachers who knew them by name and personality. True revolution wouldn’t hit until any one of them left the Island to face the real world.

The first clue to these reunion kids’ (now all in their late 60s) innocent past was that a whole bunch of them actually wanted to be there this recent night. Like Island generations before and since, they’re attached to their little rock in a way that either keeps them home or, if they wander the world for a spell, draws them back to stay, or at the very least, crooks a finger at them for regular visits.

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