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Focuses on the periods referred to in the Hebrew and Greek scriptures (often called the Old and New Testaments), but embracing all of the ancient Near East and was originally concerned with the historical validation of events and personages.Focuses on the Classical World (Greece, Rome, and the Mediterranean).Obsidian is a volcanic glass used by many cultures in tools and weapons.When a fresh surface is exposed (during the flintknapping process, for example), it attracts water from the surrounding atmosphere.The children are thought to have been sacrificed by the Chimú culture some 500 years ago, during a period when the El Niño weather pattern caused torrential rains and flooding.Muddy footprints suggest the children marched one mile from the adobe city of Chan Chan to the burial site, and lesions on their breastbones indicate they were killed with ceremonial knives before they were buried facing the sea.mainly on the lifes of these ancient countries and exploration Focuses on the most recent half millennium of human existence, particularly the expansion of European powers into the rest of the world and the impacts of the industrial revolution.Although this has become the standard meaning of historical archaeology, there are many situations where archaeology works as only one of the tools to discover the past, complementary to written or oral historical traditions.

While such lists can be extremely useful to both archaeologists and zoologists, in more recent times zooarchaeological data has been used in the reconstruction of diet, seasonal scheduling of hunting/fishing activities, hunting and fishing methods, methods of butchery and food preparation, the use of animal bones and related materials for the production of tools and other artefacts (see: w:osteodontokeratic industry), the process of animal domestication and use, and much more.

The archaeology of Ancient Egypt, Han China and many other places is also a historical archaeology.

In the Americas, historical archaeology, or more properly, "historic site archaeology" is the term generally used to encompass the archaeology of Euro-Canadian/Euro-American and aboriginal/First Nation sites dating to the period of first European settlement or later.

Focuses on the period before written history The specialty field of conducting archaeological investigations in submerged and maritime environments.

This can include prehistoric sites, shipwreck sites, and other nautical/ maritime related contexts.

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