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The freedom of choosing one’s spouse has always been a right reserved to men in the Arab world, and while some women still choose to date and marry outside their religion, they’re often met with the harsh reality that the act is frowned upon.

It’s a pretty sensitive topic, particularly for Muslim Arabs. For men, interfaith marriages are in line with Sharia law, and societally widely accepted.

Yet although some biased laws have changed, official support has been grudging.In at least three of the countries, more women than men say that women who dress provocatively deserve to be harassed.Most of the women surveyed say they support the idea of male guardianship.AHMED, who lives in Cairo, allows his wife to work.“At first, I insisted she stay at home, but she was able to raise the kids and care for the house and still have time to go to work,” he says. “Of course, as a man, I’m the main provider for the family.

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