Am i dating a loser quiz

but when he’s being mean, he’s chipping down your confidence and making sure you stay his.You made him angry, you made him sad, you embarrassed him... He'll convince you that you deserved the reaction, and he’s a saint... Don’t take the blame for his actions, and get out of there! So you're an amateur painter, or an excellent horse rider... The Loser will stop all interests, or come along and demand to go home throughout.One hour he’s the sweetest man on Earth, the next he’s being intentionally insulting.You stick around, because when he’s being nice, he’s very very nice...No one should make you feel paranoid about anything and you should feel free to be yourself!Most people are usually polite and cordial to strangers, such as a restaurant server or maybe even someone you pass on the street.

Some people will say it’s natural for men to brag about their sexual conquests, but is there really a reason for him to be bragging?! Why would anyone feel the need to reveal the number of their sexual partners they’ve had or the amount of sex they’re having?I deal with a lot of losers every day (and some normal guys too! This is the only way to really know how you compare to other losers out there! Want to know what Princess Rene really thinks of you?? Losers like this feel like they’re above everyone and have something negative to say about everyone.Don’t think you’ll be exempt from him bashing you, you’ll get a verbal tongue lashing eventually, too! If you frequently or even occasionally catch your guy in lies, start heading for the door!

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