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After years and years of research of women from all over the world, ranging in age, body type, hair color and personality, I discovered that these This confirmed that what I had been teaching my guy friends for years, could also bring incredible success to men around the world. The club ensures every man that he will ALWAYS know what to do with women, no matter what the situation by giving him the Key To A Woman’s Mind.

It’s the culmination of over 15 years experience with men, women, attraction, sex and love.

I know what it takes to ATTRACT WOMEN because I can FEEL IT.

Not only do I know what attraction to a man FEELS like, I’ve figured out why it happens.

My friends give me full credit for helping them become the men they are today with women and so do I!! How can I ask my girlfriend what I really want in the bedroom?

Now I use “Wing Girl” & “Female Advice Expert” skills that I mastered with my guy friends with men all over the world. ”From my experience with my guy friends and with dating, I have learned that there are Every man I have been attracted to or had a successful relationship with had these ’11 Key Characteristics of Attraction” in place.

15 years of learning everything I could about what women want and why we do the things we do.

How she works, what she wants, and why she does the things she does.When I say miserable, I don’t mean he just struck out and the girl walked away. During this time Dave asked me a million questions and we went over past mistakes he had made and I advised him on how to make sure he never made those again.I mean, failing to a point where even I felt embarrassed for his actions. Attractive, Intelligent, Great Family, Caring Man, Genuine, Funny. After this first “session” with me, Dave gave me a hug and revealed to me that I had just given him the key that every man wants.Sadly, “success” in the pickup artist mindset often translates as “more sex.” Women are subtly (and often not-so subtly) demeaned while the rules create an army of emotionless robots whose prime directive is to add another notch to the old bedpost.Guys who are good at the pick up typically don’t know squat about what’s really going on inside a woman.

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When puberty hit, my guy friends started becoming very interested in the opposite sex and at a very early age found myself in the position of “Wing Girl” and “Female Advice Expert”.

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