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David De Angelo launched his first Double Your Dating ebook back in 2001.Since getting married, he’s no longer creating new dating products, but he's still one of my favorite go-to guys for learning inner game.Topics include inner game (confidence, self-esteem), outer game (body language, style, image), online dating, conversation skills, sexual skills, and everything in between.

They might not realize it, but they are in what I call, Click and Hope mode. There is a HUGE difference between what women say they want, what popular culture says, and what women respond to. I say, that if you Empower yourself with knowledge, you will go from a place of scarcity, to a place of abundance.The product format is available as an online video course or as a DVD- or CD-set shipped to you in the mail.If you’ve already learned some basic dating skills, and you’d like to take your game to a whole new level, then this Advanced Dating Techniques review and program is for you.You’ll learn alpha male characteristics and how to develop a strong masculine presence that will make women think of you.It’ll also teach you how to create powerful sexual tension that will make women hot for you.

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