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Useful to check wheter specific dinos are spawned on map. Ankylo_Character_BP_C_317 [20-:907][490]22) Ankylo_Character_BP_C /Game/Mods/The Center/The Center. You can use “vhbuggy” or “vhb” or “buggy” or “bugg” or “uggy” or…

Output:[20-:907][490]21) Ankylo_Character_BP_C /Game/Mods/The Center/The Center. On the other hand “atv” will not work because it’s the name of the item but not a part of the blueprint path.

You can also open the console on PC by entering the pause screen.

When you are playing Ark on PS4, to access the console you have to press L1, R1, Square and Triangle simultaneously.

To give items to another player, use Give Item Num To Player.

Sample ark Console Command:true or 1 to add the item’s blueprint; false or 0 to add the item.

Cheat: Yes|Target: n/a|Sample Console Command: Detail: Use this ark cheat command to destroy the structure in the current player’s crosshairs or creature straightaway without leaving any corpse.

Cheat: Yes|Target: Target|Note: To kill an entity and leave a corpse, use the Kill command.

In vanilla Ark, this equates to 300 units of weight, so you will probably be encumbered.

Cheat: Yes|Target: Self|Detail: It can destroy all creatures on the map except player, it includes tamed creatures as well.

But keep in mind this command does not stop new ones from spawning as usual.

|Type: Boolean |Detail: Adds the specified item (or its blueprint) to the player’s inventory in the specified quantity and with the specified quality.

To specify items by their item number, use Give Item Num To Player.

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Detail: This command tames the targeted creature if the creature is capable of being tamed, activating all triggers as if the player had tamed the creature normally (sound effect, dossier entry, gives experience, etc). Cheat: Yes |Target: Target|Note: See also Force Tame.

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