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Commonly, a TOU includes rules relating to use of the site, choice of law and forum selection provisions, rules relating to the posting of information on the website by users, and disclaimers of liability.

While not legally mandated, a TOU is an important tool for a business in that it protects the website owner from use violations by its users.

Below is a list of certain website legalities and the consequences for failure to comply: The California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 (OPPA), found in Business and Professions Code sections 22575-22579 requires “any commercial websites or online services that collect personal information on California residents through a website to conspicuously post a privacy policy on the site.” Although not all states require such a privacy policy, it is important to note that if a California resident uses the site run in another state, the site owners can still be found liable for failure to comply with OPPA.

As such, it is important, whether or not your state mandates it, for your website to contain an adequate privacy policy.

If you’re also developing your website on these technologies, you might need to take care of some points so as to make your website suitable for every browser. The very first thing that most developers do is to start developing the website for their favorite browser, or in some cases, the browser most used by your possible target audience.

Let’s assume it is the latest version of Google Chrome, which usually is the case.

In a civil action, a court is authorized to grant injunctive relief as well as monetary sanctions for failure to comply.

In California, if your website fails to comply with OPPA requirements, you may be subject to lawsuits brought under California’s unfair competition law, either by government officials or private citizens, and seeking both civil penalties and equitable relief.Legal compliance when operating a business is hard work. ” What most business operators fail to consider is the legalities surrounding the operation of a business website.Many people focus on the standard questions: “Am I adhering to the corporate formalities? Indeed, many have no idea that there are laws that govern the use of a website for business purposes.As I have already explained, IE still holds a major market share and is one of the most underrated browsers on the market. So the first and most necessary step is defining a perfect cross browser testing strategy. If you find out that your website doesn’t work on certain browsers, it’s time to make some minute changes to your code.So, you now have to test your app for different browsers and, as I said, for the underrated ones and the famous ones, too. The reason may be some technologies and features used are unsupported by some of the browsers.

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Think of a ‘terms of use’ (“TOU”) statement as a contract between you and your site’s end users.

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